What is the Profile of a Typical Seller Candidate?

  • Has a difficult to sell home – little, or negative equity, or a home that is a hard to sell due to size, location, or a condition.
  • Needs to sell more quickly than is typical using conventional “list and wait” method.
  • Bought or built a new home with a $0/down (or minimal down) mortgage in an area that has not appreciated.
  • Refinanced an existing home, borrowing most of the equity, in an area that has not appreciated.
  • Bought a home in an area that has seen significant price reductions.
  • Has suffered a divorce, lost job, medical problems, or other financial hardship including any combination of an increase in expenses and/or decrease in income.
  • Has a non-owner occupied investment property that is no longer generating positive cash flow or is just tried of the management hassles.
  • Inherited a Property In an Estate and Doesn’t Have a Need or Want for the Property and would prefer the cash
  • Probate Property That Needs to be Sold to Settle an Estate

What are the Benefits of Working with Nationwide Acquisitions?

  • We are honest, ethical and transparent as a company
  • Allows a homeowner to sell a home quickly and for a fair price without hassles!
  • We can offer you more than one option to buy your home
  • Better than conventional alternatives-short sale, prolonged negative cash flow.
  • Avoids a foreclosure – in cases where homeowner can no longer afford a home
  • Superior to renting – because home is for practical purposes, is SOLD; seller does not have to worry about maintaining the home going forward. He is not a landlord.

What are some of the Disadvantages in working with our Program for the Seller?
You may get a highest price for your property listing it with a real estate agent

What Types of Properties Do you Buy?
We buy houses in any condition, in any area, in any price range, in any situation! We will buy your house as-is, you don’t need to do ANY repairs! We will also buy condos , multi family , land and commercial.

How Do I Get Started?
faq1Fill out the seller form or contact our office 760-230-5075, One of our team members will discuss your situation and gather some information. We will research the property and then make you an offer sometimes over the phone or we will meet in person to view the property and then make you an offer. You either accept or reject it. No pressure.

What are the Fees?
There are no upfront fees, closing costs or commissions to pay. We typically pay all the fees which is included in our offer price.

Are you Real Estate Agents?
No we are a real estate investment and solutions service company that buys, sells, and holds real estate assets for investment purposes. If we cannot buy your property we will refer you to our trusted real estate agents to assist you.

How Are You Able to Buy Property For Cash Quickly?
We don t use banks, we typically use private investor funds and our capital partners to buy properties quickly.

What do you mean you buy any situation, condition or price range?
Whether you are in foreclosure, upside down on your property, have tax liens, code violations, tenant occupied, bad physical shape, or any other family, health or financial issue we can buy it.

Will you pay me full price for my house?
Each house is different and depends on many factors, including house condition, materials and labor costs for repairs, Â current market conditions in your neighborhood, how long it will take to repair and market the house, and the cost to resell the house. We believe our offers to be very fair relative to each house’s unique situation.

Additional Property Seller Questions About Working with Nationwide Acquisitions
Can I stay in the home?

Yes we will work with you and give you as much time as you need to move prior to closing on your property and sale is complete.

Should I make the payments until the home is sold?

  • We prefer to work with mortgages that are current. If you are behind, it is still possible to assist you, the more behind, the more a buyer would have to bring to closing to bring the loan current – and the less likely it will be that a buyer can be found to buy the home.
  • Also, as the loan goes further into default, a foreclosure becomes possible.
  • Generally if you are not able to keep a loan going, WE CAN HELP by doing a short sale on your home. Often we can start a short sale and mortgage assignment program together (a COMBO PLAN) and if a buyer can’t be found in time for the mortgage assignment program, we can fall back to the short sale to try to avoid a foreclosure.

Are there other alternatives ways to sell my home?

  • In general, if a home has little or no equity, the only way to sell the home is to do a short sale or mortgage assignment. Otherwise you would have to bring money to the closing table in order to cover the closing costs, commissions, and possible payoff shortage.
  • If you don’t want to sell your home, you may consider negotiating a forbearance or loan modification agreement with your lender. These agreements generally allow a homeowner to agree to a schedule to “make up” missed payments that resulted from a temporary interruption in income and/or reduce the payments going forward. If your situation is more permanent than temporary, you will likely not be approved for forbearance, in which case a short sale or mortgage assignment is probably a better option. Please note that most loan modifications/forbearances are denied.

How does this affect my credit?

  • It depends. If you are behind in making your payments and/or have a spotty payment history, at the time that a buyer buys the home, your payments will be brought current and this will generally improve your credit.
  • For many sellers, as payments continue to be made monthly and in a timely fashion, their credit will continue to improve or remain unchanged. Obviously, if payments are late or missed, your credit will be negatively affected.
  • In most cases, although the loan(s) remains in your name these loans are treated by the credit bureaus as cash neutral accounts (a debt with an offsetting credit).

How long does this process take?
Can be as soon as 3-10 days or as long as you need.

What if the buyer stops making the payments:
Payments are being made or the third party escrow or trustee service handling the payments. If payments are missed, you have the right to evict or foreclose on the property and get it back. In most cases it would be preferable, however, to call the buyer and try to resolve the situation.
An alternative to foreclosure is to offer the buyer the opportunity to give you a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or assign beneficial interest back to you. In other words, you can ask the buyer to deed the property back to you so that you don’t have to foreclose on them and ruin their credit or simply assign beneficial interest back to you the seller. – In all cases if there is trouble with the buyer, call Nationwide Acquisitions or the Realtor/Investor that helped you sell the home the last time. They will be motivated to help you get the home back so that they can quickly sell it again.

What if I have multiple loans or liens against my property?
All loans/liens against a property must be paid off at closing or become the responsibility of the buyer going forward. Before the property is purchased, the buyer will get a copy of a title report listing all liens on the property.
If I can’t afford this home, should I declare bankruptcy?

  • Some people facing payments on a mortgage they cannot afford consider bankruptcy as an alternative. The truth is that bankruptcy does not prevent a home from being foreclosed on – it just delays the process briefly.
  • If selling the home through our Strategy (or a short sale) would leave you financially solvent, it is probably a far better alternative to bankruptcy.

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