What is a Self Direct IRA or 401k?

Its an individual retirement account that is administered by a self directed custodian. It allows you to control and “self direct” your own investment choices. You are not restricted to only investing in mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, or CD’s which can be risky, and currently is not a great time or place to putting your money. You can now invest in alternative investment vehicles such as

  •    Real Estate and Mortgage Notes-Residential, Commercial, or Secured Real Estate Mortgages.
  •    Limited partnerships or Business Ventures
  •    Private Placements or Direct Participation Progams-Private REITs, hedge funds, start up companies, Oil and Gas Companies
  •    Precious Metals-Gold and Silver
  •    Secured and Unsecured Notes-Private lending on real estate, businesses and other promissory notes.

With today s uncertain times and the stock market at an all time high, it would be very risky to invest your hard earned dollars with Wall Street. If you haven’t figured it out yet, they unfortunately don’t have the general public’s best interest in mind. A Self Directed IRA or Solo K plan allows you to take back control of your financial future. It gives you more flexibility and investment options, more diversification, and offers you the potential for lower risk and higher returns.

Here are some self-directed custodian company’s that we recommend. You can check out their websites and give them a call to learn about their fees, types of accounts, and their process for opening an account. There are other companies you can research as well these are ones we know and are familiar with. Its an easy process and we are happy to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction if you are interested in learning more about how to open a self directed IRA or Solo K plan.


Equity Trust Company

The Entrust Group

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Ways to Invest With Us

Once you have opened a self – directed account you now have the opportunity to invest with us. We are seeking individuals who are seeking a higher return than they are currently getting on their money with lower risk. You would be a passive investor so you can just sit back and watch your retirement investment account grow. Depending upon the investment we are offering we do our best to match it to meet your investment goals, and risk tolerance. There a few different options to invest with us:

  1.   1) As a Private Lender –you lend funds to our company, which is secured by the real estate, in either first or second lien position. It would all be handled through an escrow and title company. This would be referred to a first trust deed or second trust deed. The rates and the term of the note will vary based on the specific asset. Typically the term of the investment will range from 6 months to 3 years or more. You would receive a competitive interest on your funds. We prefer to pay out the interest and principal at end of the term however we can accommodate monthly or quarterly interest payments.
  2.   2) Equity Investor- Your IRA would invest directly into the asset and would share in benefits of the equity growth and cash flow income of the asset. Length of the investment can range from 6months- 3 years or more.
  3.   3) Minimum investment is 25k. However our company reserves the right to consider smaller amounts


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